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Stages & Structures: Ground Supports

Although the term 'ground support' could mean any freestanding temporary rigging structure, it generally refers to an indoor structure for an event from which to support a load or equipment.

There's many reasons why you would use a ground support over other methods, however they're commonly used in venues or rooms where there isn't the capacity or infrastructure from which to suspend items, such as video, sound and lighting equipment or even people. It's also not uncommon for a ground support to be built over a stage platform on an indoor show to provide sufficient 'points' above the stage, which are otherwise potentially spread around a room.

Two such venues on the Isle of Wight, where we're based, is Cowes Yacht Haven (with limited loading capacity in the roof and limirations on where loads can be applied) and Ryde Arena (an ice rink, with a roof which is again unable to support many of the heavy loads associated with concerts).

Ground supports come in all sizes, and are generally designed, built and calculated around the specific needs of an event rather than fitting the event around an 'off the shelf' system.

If you'd like to talk to us about a system for your next event,which not get in touch?