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Stages & Structures: Custom & Bespoke Structures

Every event is different, and for some events 'off the shelf' just won't do.

We've designed and built dozens (if not hundreds) of custom structures to suit specific client briefs. And every one has been different. Here's just a few from over the years:

- LED screen supports built into temporary walls on the side of a cabin in Cannes
- 30' x 20' projection screen frames made from truss
- a self-climbing structure 45' long to take a banner over the top of a building spanning two different roof heights
- shop window display structures
- free standing lighting towers
- self-climbing platform for a car to drive on at a show and be raised up 10ft
- LED screen doors that slide open to allow people to walk through

... the list could go on (for some time). Instead we'll leave the ideas to you. It's your event. You just let us know what you want to do and we'll work out how best to achieve it.