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Isle of Wight Chamber Awards

The 30th November saw the annual Isle of Wight Chamber of Commerce Awards held at Cowes Yacht Haven. This year marked our first year working with the Chamber on the awards, providing a range of services:IW Chamber of Commerce Aware 2009

  • Audio - for the awards ceremony itself, music throughout the evening and for the live entertainment into the night
  • Lighting - a mixture of intelligent (including Martin Mac 550s and Mac 250s) and conventional lighting fixtures (including ETC Source 4s, PAR 56/64s and Fresnels), plus followspot.
  • Video Screens - we provided 2 12'x8' screens and projectors for a mixture of live video content and pre-produced footage which was supplied by local video company CDR Filming.
  • Power Distro
  • Stage Pyro - opening the event with a bang was a mixture of pyrotechnics located around the stage and video screens
  • Rigging - with no flying capacity in the roof we designed and supplied a custom ground support structure to meet the Chamber's requirements for branding placement in addition to supporting lighting fixtures and video screens.

Feedback from the event was excellent, and we look forward to working with the IW Chamber of Commerce on future projects in 2010.

November 2009

Summer Madness 2009

Summer Madness 2009We're supplying on-site communications for production and site for the Madness event down at Carisbrooke Castle this weekend, with the provision of nearly 50 Motorola GP340 licensed radios, together with spare batteries and multi-chargers. We're also supplying a number of noise-cancelling headsets for use in noisy environments.

We've also got another smaller stock of radios out at one of the Island's last carnivals for the summer.

September 2009